Community Guidelines

Revival wiki is a community effort to build an encyclopedia that showcases how God moves throughout the earth. We're excited to work together to build something great.

As we work together please keep in mind the following community guidelines.

You are invited to make a difference. We couldn't create this wiki without the support of wonderful people like you. Don't be afraid to simply click edit and get started!

We are working together to build the site. wikis are based on the idea that the crowd, collectively, has a greater sum of knowledge than just one individual. Your input and contribution is valuable, along with those of everyone else.

Practice open-mindedness & assume good faith. Since the site is open to edit by anyone, users of all skill levels and opinions are welcome to participate. We assume that most people who work on a wiki are trying to help it, not hurt it. If this weren't true, a project would be doomed from the beginning. If you think there is a problem, it's best to ask the user about the issue first, then take any additional steps if need be.

Be nice. It should really go without saying, but we ask that you be friendly to other contributors. Say hello to others, provide help where you can, and ask others if you need assistance. Simply being nice can greatly impact the growth and success of a community. Mean comments, aggressive behavior, and vandalism all affect real people. If you wouldn't say it in person, don't say it here.

Be trustworthy. Revival Wiki is here to provide an accurate account of God's interactions with man throughout history. We ask that everything you contribute to this website be accurate, honest and truthful. To demonstrate accuracy and address any skeptic's doubts, we ask that you heavily cite the sources for the information you add to this wiki using footnotes. Remember, God does not need your help to look good or powerful; representing Him, and His works, accurately is the best way to give Him the glory.

Spread the word! A community is only as strong as all of its members. The more it has, the stronger (and more successful), it will become. So invite your friends, family, schoolmates, and others who may be interested. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs on the same topic, or any place where people who are interested may hang out.

Ask for help. If you are confused or need help, just ask! We are here to help.

Don't plagiarize content. If you are bringing content to the Revival Wiki or taking it from here (or to another site), please remember to cite the authors properly1). Don't assume that everything on the Internet is open for the taking. Make sure you have permission to use something before you copy it, and follow the rules for attribution when you do reuse. Everyone likes credit for their hard work!

Don't use the wiki to spam your own links or information about your ministry, church or organization. If you are experiencing revival, let someone else brag about what God is doing through you. Wikis are a great place to build content on a specific topic, not a place to spam links to your latest product or to post non-relevant material. Spam will be removed, so please don't add it to begin with.

Don't feed the trolls. This means that every time you respond to those who try to ruin your work, you are giving them what they want - attention. The more you do that, the more they will be back for more. It's best to be calm, and limit contact with vandals.

Never forget to have fun! Revival Wiki places to have fun, meet new people, and learn more about how good God is. There is serious work to be done, but you should always remember to enjoy what you are doing!

For example, parts of his community guidelines were adopted from the Fandom Community Guidelines.