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If you don't know where to get started, look up your favorite topic and think about what you might add or edit. Event correcting grammmer1) mistakes is appreciated. Also the wish list can also be a helpful guide to see what else we can create together.

A Word to Skeptics

You may be visiting our website and might not be sure about Christianity or the concept of revivals. You are more than invited to visit the site and explore the history of what God has done throughout the earth.

While you are invited to view the pages on the site, we would ask that you refrain from adding negative or skeptical comments to the website. The wiki was not created to be place of debate concerning the power of God or relevancy of scripture. There are other platforms that can host such debates and we ask that you use those places to hold those discussions. Users who are not able to follow our community guidelines when editing the wiki will be blocked or suspended from contributing to the wiki.

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